Quilting Cove Shelties
Kim Bond
PO Box 939 Alamosa, Colorado 81101
(931) 403-7066

Dog/Puppy Sales Contract

On ___________________Quilting Cove Shelties agrees to sell the following
Shetland Sheepdog to:

Name _____________________________________________




for the sum of $____________________



Whelped _______________________


Puppy/Dog registration # ________________________________

Registration papers will be given to the buyer at the time of the sale or will be
forwarded to the buyer upon receipt from the AKC/UKC if they are still being
processed. Dog/Puppy must be spayed or neutered as soon as possible or as age

It is understood that at the time of sale this dog is not considered to be of show or
breeding quality, but is representative of its breed and is structurally and
temperamentally suited as a companion and/or obedience dog. It is highly
recommended that beginning training classes be taken to insure a happy
relationship with the animal.
(Note: any puppy going to a new home may be a bit unsure of himself until he
becomes completely familiar with his surroundings.)

Kim Bond, to the best of her knowledge, is selling you a healthy dog and will be  
providing you with a complete health record containing the dates and types of
vaccinations and worming already given.

It is recommended the buyer have the dog/puppy examined by a reputable
veterinarian within 72 hours of obtaining the dog. A full refund of the purchase
price or a replacement dog (when one becomes available) will be provided for any
dog that is found unhealthy or unsatisfactory during the first 72 hours. Your
veterinarians written statement of diagnosis, including a detailed description of all
symptoms supporting the diagnosis, results of any tests performed, and the reason
why he/she feels the dog is a poor health risk must be presented at the time the
dog is returned.

If the Buyer does not have a vet check-up within the first 72 hours from
obtaining the dog, this warranty is null and void.

Kim Bond warrants this dog/puppy up to  twelve (12) months of age, to be free of
hereditary, crippling and/or disabling defects which would render the dog
unsuitable as a companion pet with quality of life. Determination of what
constitutes one of these defects is to be by the unanimous agreement of two (2)
veterinarians, agreeable by both parties. One vet is to be a tenured faculty
member of an accredited University Teaching Hospital or Board Certified in the
applicable specialty. Cost of the opinions is to be assumed by the buyer. In this
case, the Buyer may receive a replacement puppy/dog, when one becomes available,
provided the living puppy/dog and all signed registration papers are returned to
the seller.

Buyer agrees to:
1. Have the dog/puppy neutered or spayed as soon as possible or as the age permits.

2. Provide adequate medical care to include an annual veterinary checkup. To keep
all immunizations current according to the AVMA guidelines.

3. Properly administer heartworm medication (ONLY Intercepter) and to control
all external parasites.

4. Provide adequate housing and fenced in yard or kennel to be no smaller than 3’
wide and 12’ long; or to walk on a leash but NOT to be restrained on a rope or

5. Provide proper grooming and cleanliness at all times.

6. Feed a high quality food (preferably Precise or Nutro) and to maintain the
animal at the proper weight throughout the life of the dog.

If conditions 1-6 are not followed, the health guarantee is null and void.
Also Seller reserves the right to confiscate the puppy/dog.

7. If the Buyer can no longer keep or properly care for the dog, UNDER NO
turn the dog over to a shelter or SPCA or abandon the dog.
The dog and all signed registration papers MUST be returned to Kim Bond.
Furthermore, Kim Bond will not be liable for any refund of the purchase price.

8. Give notice to Kim Bond if their address or phone number changes.

9. Notify Kim Bond of the name, address and phone number of the new owners, if
this dog is to be sold or given away to another home.

10.Buyer also agrees to include "Quilting Cove" in the registered name of the dog.

Signature of

Signature of
Seller ____________________________________Date____________