Here is some information on how our puppies are raised.

When we have a litter due, The mom is closely watched and never left
alone. I make sure to be here when the 'time comes' so that I can take
care of any problems. UCH Quilting Coves Bishop Takes Knight, would not
of made it if I had not been there. So I am always there to welcome the
pups into the world.

We start cuddling and kissing them as soon as they are born. Our favorite
time is when we are sitting down at night to watch TV and have a sweet
little pup cuddled up on our chests. Needless to say, our pups learn that
humans are good from the start.

At 3 days old we make a trip to the vet and have the dew claws removed
and the vet gives them the once over.

At 7 weeks old we go back to the vet for a check-up and first shots. By
this time the pups are just adorable little bundles of fun. We make it a
point to invite people over to see the pups. This gives the pups an
opportunity to meet new people where they feel safe. Also it starts the
personality profile stage where we look to see who jumps in and who stays
back a ways.

By the time they get their second shot, they have been introduced to the
outside world. We take pups everywhere we can and introduce them to
people outside of our home. This socializes them very well to humans. (and
riding in the car!)

As far as being socialized to dogs, which is very important too. The pups
are allowed to run in certain rooms of the house with the big guys. When a
pup does something wrong, the big guys let them know it! All my females
act like a mom when there are puppies in the house, even if the pups aren't

Also during this time we start the crate training process. At night when it
is bed time, we will place two pups together in a crate for a few nights and
then slowly separate them as they become use to the crate. By the time
the pups go to their new homes, they have learned to depend on their crate
as being "their spot" and they still feel secure even when they are taken to
new surroundings. I have never had a pup have a problem with their first
night away from home. If you ever brought home a puppy before, you know
it can be a LONG night of crying!  I guarantee that will never happen with
my babies!

I also try to fit the right pup with the right family. This is very important
to assure a happy home life for the pup as well as the family. If the mix
does not blend, I will always accept a pup back. No matter how old he gets.
(I have this in my contract.) These are my babies and I don't intend for a
single one of them to wind up in a shelter or pound.

One requirement for obtaining a pup from me is you need to keep in touch
and send me pictures. Lots of pictures during the first year, then a
Christmas card will do after that.

I hope this has enlightened you on the raising of our pups. If you have any
more questions, feel free to
e-mail me!