This is designed to find out if a sheltie is the breed for you. It is
also a tool to help me to decide if one of my puppies would fit into
your situation, so please answer the questions honestly. It also
helps to insure a happy dog with a happy owner. Shelties are like
humans, in they each have their own distinct personality. Some
puppies are more suited for a quiet home and others would love
the hustle and bustle of a busy home with children. Owning a dog
is a lifetime commitment and I want my shelties to go to
permanent homes that will love them forever.

You may copy this to your computer to answer the questions and
email to me.
Name:                                                                  Phone:


Email Address:

Do you have a fenced in yard?

Tell me about your family. Do you have kids? How many and their ages?

Do you want a well-mannered dog? How will you accomplish this?

Do you want your dog for a specific purpose like: obedience, agility, conformation,
handling livestock, tracking, rescue work, guard work, an individual or family

Will you be attending training classes with your dog?

Will your dog be primarily your personal pet, a family pet, or a child's pet?

Who will have the responsibility of caring for the dog?

Is everyone in your household in agreement about this dog?

Do you have other pets? What kind?

Do you want your dog to live in the house? If so, what part of the house do you want
your dog to have access?

How and where will your dog get exercise in good weather? In bad weather?

How will your dog be retained when outside? Inside?

How will you potty train your dog?

How do you plan to discipline your dog?

Would barking be a problem for you or your neighbors?

It costs about $500 a year to keep a healthy, medium sized dog (not including
emergency care) Would this strain your budget?

Shelties can live to be 15 or older. Are you prepared to care for this dog for that

Will your dog travel with you, stay with friends or relatives, or board?

Would you prefer your dog to be outgoing and friendly, reserved, or suspicious of all

Are you going to groom the dog yourself or take it to a groomer? How often?

How do you plan to dispose of dog wastes?

Does your community have licensing requirements or restrictions on dogs?

Supposing this dog does not work out, what will you do?

Have you owned dogs in the past? If so, what happened to them?